I have been writing about Windham history for more years than I would like to admit. Over the years, I have uncovered many fascinating facts about the people and places in this New Hampshire town. I have decided to publish my writing online so that more people can enjoy the history of this unique place. Hopefully, this will become a resource for people searching for both the history of Windham and the details of their ancestors who once lived here.

scan0034The history of a place is like a mystery novel and a historian has to piece together scant resources and evidence to produce a narrative that tells the story of what makes that place unique. Take the picture shown on this page. It shows three workman, who were employees of Seavey Saw Mill at Windham Junction. A wonderful photograph of workingmen at the turn of the twentieth century. Now here is the rest of the story, shortly after the photograph was taken, one of these men would die in a brutal way, when he would accidentally fall and be cut to pieces by the giant rotary saw in the mill. Historic photographs capture a moment in time, and then time and history move on. That’s what makes history so fascinating for me and I hope I can share that enthusiasm with you.

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  1. HI Brad, I never knew this writing existed. The easy way you write how Windham once was and can never be again. I have always enjoyed listening to your Mom talk about people and places here in Windham, of which some I knew but most I didn’t. But, she never told me to read the history of a family here in town. I’m glad I stumbled upon this and will pass it along for others to enjoy. Thank you, Marilyn


    • Was that when it was know as Club Mirimar. I have some pictures I will be posting in a few weeks. It was rumored it was a Speak-easy for awhile during prohibition. The interior of the place when it was Club Mirimar shows it being quite a swanky place.


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