Windham Life and Times – January 29, 2015

100 Years Ago in Windham NH | W.S. Harris – Reporting in The Exeter Newsletter


Piles of cord-wood line a road in West Windham NH, waiting to be shipped out of town on the rail line.

Piles of cord-wood line a road in West Windham NH, waiting to be shipped out of town on the rail line.

“WINDHAM, NH: December 29.—Mrs. Dalton J. Warren had a fall last week which caused bad bruises on her head, hand and side. Mr. and Mrs. Warren are a very aged couple, he being 89 and she 88, and both quite feeble. Mrs. Mary L. Jackson is caring for them for the present. Miss Alice L. Anderson sent in to the Warrens a fine Christmas dinner, all prepared. Other neighbors have shown kindness, for all which the Warrens express much gratitude. It is in time of misfortune and sorrow that the sympathy and ministry of friends is most appreciated. It is then that the question, ‘Who is my neighbor?’ receives its best answer…Thankful for small favors, we note with pleasure that the days are growing a trifle longer. But the cold seemed to strengthen last week a good deal faster than the days lengthened. Six and eight below were the marks at the Center, ten at the Junction.”

“It would be interesting to know who is so concerned lest the present writer should blame Germany for the European war. Three times have voluminous packages of literature have been received from New York, setting forth the various ways the righteousness of Germany’s cause.  Presumable some organization is sending this literature broadcast over the country. It would be more to the purpose if they would spend their energies relieving the poor Belgian nation, that has been literally smashed to pieces, body and soul, for no other crime than desiring to mind its own business in peace.”
“Selectman and Representative elect Samuel F. Campbell who lives on the borders of the town. Is prominent in fraternal and social affairs in Derry and Londonderry, where he has many friends, as well as in his home town. His Londonderry friends to the number of nearly 150 gave him a surprise reception at the town hall in that place and presented him a fine toilet case.”
“WINDHAM, NH: January 19.— Albert Farmer is rebuilding his house which was burned last summer, and will have a fine set of buildings when completed, but the shade and fruit trees are not so readily replaced.”
“WINDHAM, NH: February 1.—The brick-yards have furnished one of the principle markets for cord-wood. Now it is said they are beginning to use coal for burning brick, and the demand for wood has fallen off. Standing hardwood growth is about as valuable as Orchard Hill’s salt marsh land.

A sawmill operating in West Windham NH

A sawmill operating in West Windham NH

“The Ladies Benevolent Society will hold its mid-winter festival and sale Thursday evening of this week. Henry V, Baril, a magician from Worcester, MA. will furnish entertainment. after which supper will be served. Other features will be a fancy table, ice cream booth and mystery tree. Mrs. Nesmith is in general charge of affairs in the upper hall, and Mrs. Worledge in the supper room.”
“Windham has added its mite to the funds for relieving the Belgians. The millions of dollars sent from this country will doubtless do good, but the cause of all the misery still goes on without even a protest from this great and influential nation. We are saving one life while a hundred more are being destroyed. The great and pressing duty before that part of the world which has gone entirely mad is to find some way to stop and forever prevent such horrible actions as Europe is now exhibiting.”

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