Windham Life and Times – April 16, 2015

Club Miramar

I.H.P. Cobbett's Pond, 1935

I.H.P. Cobbett’s Pond, 1935

I recently acquired these old photographs which were taken on Cobbett’s Pond in 1935. Unfortunately, the people in the photographs have not been identified. The photographs were definitely taken at or near Bella Vista Beach. Bella Vista was a speak-easy for a time, but by the 1935 prohibition would have been over? Club “Mariana” is mentioned in “rural Oasis” and was a night-club/speakeasy owned by Rene Dubois. Could it have really been called Club Mirimar or Club Miramar? In 1935, the Bella Vista property was owned by Cecil and Ethel Banan. Do you know these people? E-mail and tell me what you know.

I.H.P. Cobbett’s 1935. Cobbett's Pond Club Mirimar 1935

I.H.P. Cobbett’s 1935. Cobbett’s Pond Club Mirimar 1935

Club Mirimar. Andrew 1935

Club Mirimar. Andrew 1935

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