Windham Life and Times – September 16, 2016




WINDHAM. AUGUST 23.—On the afternoon of Labor Day there will be unveiled with public exercises at Fairview on Cobbett’s North Shore, a tablet commemorating the fact that the pond took its name from Rev. Thomas Cobbet, of Ipswich, Mass., who in 1662 received a grant of 500 acres on its shores. A historical sketch will be read, dealing with Mr. Cobbet, his grant, and other matters of history.

WINDHAM, SEPTEMBER 6.—On the afternoon of Labor Daya company of 80 or more gathered at Fairview on Cobbett’s North Shore for the exercises connected with the unveiling of a memorial tablet. There was singing, in which Raymond Kay, of New York, and L. Willard Park, of Boston, assisted, prayer by Rev. A.L. Dunton, remarks by L.W. Smith, representing the Haverhill, Mass. Historical Society, and a lengthy historical address by William S. Harris, dealing with Rev. Thomas Cobbet, his grant of land, names of the pond, and other matters of local history. Kendall Parker Abbott, the five year old son of the Fairview household, performed the act of unveiling the tablet, and Miss Eleanor K. Abbott read the inscription thereon, which is as follows:

COBBETT’S POND So called, but with various spellings, Since 1723. Named for Rev. Thomas Cobbet, Puritan minister of Lynn and Ipswich, Mass., Who received from the General Court of Mass., A grant of 500 acres on its north shore in 1662. “There Windham Range, in flowery vest, Was seen in robes of green, While Cobbet’s Pond, from east to west, Spread her bright waves between. ROBERT DINSMOOR. 1811.”



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