Windham Life and Times – June 15, 2017


Dinsmore Cottages, Cobbett’s Pond, Windham NH

An original, real photo postcard, of this view sold on e-bay last week for $102.50. Does that seem a little over the top to you?  My grandfather rented cottages and later tent platforms which paid his taxes and put extra cash in his pocket. The people who spent their summers here have fond memories of their time on these shores.  In fact, a gentleman stopped by our office just last week to say hello and reminisce about the summers he spent here with his family in one of the tents as a child. Of course this was my stomping grounds as a child. I remember after school ended for summer,  I rarely had shoes on my feet and spent the warm, happy days barefoot. Much of the time was spent in the water and we all liked to swim out to the giant rock that sits just under the water, where we could stand up and show-off.


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