Windham Life and Times – August 4, 2017


August 7-30 1992

The Celebration of the 150th Anniversary of the incorporation of the settlement of Windham NH took lace on June 9, 1892. A beautiful, hard cover book of 124 pages was published to commemorate the event. On the title page is the quote, “There comes a voice that awakens the soul. It is the voice of years that are gone; they roll before me with their deeds.—Ossian.” “To the descendants of the first settlers wherever in the wide world scattered, this record of a celebration in honor of the names, the virtues and deeds of the Pioneers. that gallant band of people of Scotch blood, who founded the township of Windham in New Hampshire, this volume is inscribed by the executive committee.” Of interesting note, on the invitation, is that the town was settled in 1720 and incorporated in 1742. The invitation states, “It is proposed to make the most interesting celebration ever held in Town. Tents will be erected, and everything done to make the occasion worthy of those in whose honor we celebrate. Descendants of the early settlers, wherever located, natives, and former residents, are cordially invited to return to the old home, and with the citizens of Windham participate in the festivities of the day. Your presence is requested. Please notify the Committee of your acceptance. William Harris, Leonard Morrison, William Cochran, Alphonso Campbell. The photograph above shows the Windham Glee Club, which performed at the celebration.

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