Windham Life and Times – February 9, 2018

This is a page out of the William Austin scrapbook showing Dinsmore Hill with its view of Cobbett’s Pond. I believe Mrs. Austin was picking blackberries along the stone wall. In the left hand photograph one of the Austin children has climbed a pine tree to take in the view.


“I used to roam to Windham

    Beyond the Dinsmore farm;

The roving road to Windham

    Has much of simple charm;

It angles up among the hills,

    And there’s a little singing stream

That carols near at hand.”

“Now, I am far from Windham;

    It’s ways are drifted deep,

The yards that herded cattle,

    The snug folds for its sheep;

I would not climb it’s hill tops

    While bleak the norther blows,

But I’ll be fain to wander there

    Amid the cheery snows.”

“For oh the trees of Windham,

    Their blossoms are so white;

They haunt the mind with beauty,

    They thrill it with delight;

Though from the hills of Windham

    I still be far away,

In visions I will visit them

    About the break of May!”

“Here’s something cut from newspapers, which I changed the name within to fit the old days—-

From the scrapbook of Mrs. John Cochran

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