Windham Life and Times – April 27, 2018

Dunkan Beach

George Dunkley purchased this property on Cobbett’s Pond in the 1930’s and set about operating a public bathing beach here.  It was said that Mr. Dunkley had intended the name to be Dunkin Beach like the doughnut chain, but the sign maker made a mistake so the name became Dunkan Beach instead. He built a refreshment stand selling hot-dogs, soft drinks and ice cream. Later a pavilion was added with pinball machines, a jukebox and bowling alleys. “It was rumored that during the early forties there were one armed bandits housed in the boat house.” Speaking of boathouses, the whole east end of Cobbett’s Pond used to be covered with small, wooden, black and white row boats, for a far as the eye could see, many crammed with people and nearly capsizing.  Of course, Dunkan Beach was located where Castleton is today.


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