Windham Life and Times – July 13, 2018

Lakeview Golf Course Windham NH

Long before Windham Country Club was ever conceived, there was a golf course in Windham that offered views of Cobbett’s Pond. Rural Oasis states that, “Several years before the construction of Route I-93 and the influx of new residents, Windham’s people could hike, swim, skate, ice fish and toboggan in town (Or ride a dirt bike on miles and miles of old wood roads, like I did on my beloved Honda 70.) In fact there was even a golf course and summer playhouse, both located on Range Road. Ed Walkey from Cliftondale, Massachusetts , owned the former Lakeview Boarding House. During this period he started Lakeview Golf Course, the nine-hole course especially popular with summer visitors. The pro shop was located under the barn. The number one green was on the other side of Armstrong Road. When the southbound lane of I-93 was constructed the green was abolished for the new entrance of Armstrong Road. The golf course was a family business where Thyra, Ann, and their brother Allen worked with their parents taking care of the greens and the shop.”


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