Windham Life and Times – February 27, 2020

Windham – Mid-Century Modern

Articles from the Derry News 1957-8

From Left to Right: A playbill from the Windham Playhouse showing the very photogenic, Pamela Law, who was an actress in production of “Second Threshold.” The middle photograph shows “Chic” A. Everett Austin Jr., on the ladder, as an actor in one of his stage productions in Windham. The photograph on the far right show the Windham playhouse as it looked in the 1950’s on Range Road in Windham.


“The Windham Playhouse, colorful summer theater located in Route 111A at Cobbett’s Pond in Windham, New Hampshire is presenting this week, Monday July 13 through Saturday, July 18, a comedy, ‘Second Threshold’ by Philip Barry. For this recent Broadway hit the Playhouse is bringing back three people who made the opening week comedy, ‘The Moon is Blue,’ such a success. Roy Mosell will play the role of rich and respected Josiah Bolton, a lovable though stubborn father whose life has lost meaning. Michael Lipton is cast as his son Jock, and Pamela Law will be seen as Thankful Mather, a pretty and unpuritanical girl who never dreams life is anything but a barrel of fun.”

“Gladys Richards, fresh from her triumph as Elizabeth in ‘The Circle’ will play Bolton’s daughter, an attractive girl who opens up for her father a ‘second threshold’ and in so doing becomes a finer person herself. As her admirer, a newcomer to the Windham Playhouse for this play will be John Conwell of the Chicago Company of ‘The Moon is Blue.’ He will play Toby Wells, the young doctor who helps in Bolton’s regeneration while seeking the affection of his daughter.”

“Following ‘Second Threshold’ the Playhouse will present ‘Gigi’ with Claire Kirby, a member of the original Broadway Company of the hit.”


“Members of the Boy Scout Troop 266, left Monday, August 18 and went to Dolly Copp Park in the White Mountains and made camp. The following boys made the trip: Dennis and Timothy Butterfield, Gerald Corbin, Andrew, James and Robert Devlin, Myrvin Gilchreast, Kevin Hill, Raymond Lemieux, Alvin Peabody, 3rd., Roland Sousa and David and John West.”

“Scoutmaster Alvin Peabody, 2nd., assisted by Harold Gordon, were in charge…they started to climb Mt. Washington but were forced back due to severe winds and cold. They were told it snowed on the mountain.”

“They went to Glen Ellis where dinner was enjoyed. They then travelled down to the new Wildcat Aerial gondolas and visited Cranmore Mt. skimobile, turned off through Crawford Notch to the base of the cog railroad of Mt. Washington, they returned to the Dolly Copp park by way of Jefferson Notch, thereby completely circling the Presidential Range.”

“While at Dolly Copp park the boys met scout groups from Niagara Falls, N.Y. and Philadelphia, PA. On the way home, they came through Franconia Notch, visited the aerial tramway there and observed the work about the old man of the mountain. Picnic lunches were enjoyed on the road…”


“Barring another shooting war, the greatest problem this country must deal with is further depreciation of the dollar. The stage is set for a massive new round of inflation. This year’s federal deficit is expected to reach $10 billion. It may be much more.”

“Inflation can be compared to war in its destructive capabilities. It wipes out savings. If it goes far enough it can lead to internal disorder on a vast scale and even revolution. It can produce dictatorship and the death of all freedoms. It can bring on economic collapse…which is what our communist enemies are hoping for.”

“Labor and business are asked to show restraint in the important matter of wages and prices. This is certainly needed. But the foremost need of all can only be supplied by the government. Unbridled government spending, accompanied as it must be by huge deficits, is the most powerful of all inflationary forces. It bears the principle responsibility for the fact that the dollar’s value has been cut in half since 1940. A government which attempts to be everything to all its people, and do everything for all its people, is a government that can ruin all its people.”




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