Windham Life and Times – April 3, 2020

Windham Mid-Century Modern

Miss Cobbett’s Pond: 1958-9

Left: Miss Marie Chadwick, Miss Cobbett’s Pond 1958, places the sash on Miss Cobbett’s Pond 1959. Above: The 1959 Miss Cobbett’s Pond Pageant. From left to right are unknown, Carol Drowns, (Miss CP 1959), Polly Ann Sanborn, and Marie Chadwick (Miss CP 1958). The little girl with the flowers is Ronnie Lou Thwaites.

“The Cobbett’s Pond Association held its annual banquet, entertainment and Miss Cobbett’s Pond beauty contest Wednesday evening at the town hall. Out of 37 original entrants , eleven finalists were selected: Anne Marie Barron, Mary Brady, Marie Chadwick, Linda Donovan, Charlene Twaites, Jerry Spawkett, Jackie Robinson, Paula Kelly, Michelle Roy, Sharon Price and Barbara Murray. The contest then narrowed to five; the Misses Baron, Chadwick, Kelley, Murray and Roy.”

“The three finalists were Michele Roy, 14, third, Anne Marie Barron, 16, second and Marie Chadwick 16, winner. Miss Patricia Larrabee of Salem, ‘Miss New Hampshire,’ crowned the winner and received special thanks for her help and cooperation. She was made an honorary member of the Association and invited to ride in a place of honor in the boat parade. Each contestant was awarded a gift from the Association and runners-up received cash prizes. Miss Chadwick received a cash award, flowers and gifts. All three will participate in the annual decorated boat parade at Cobbett’s Pond on Sunday August 24, at 2 P.M.” (The Derry News.) (Photos courtesy of Charlene Kane.)

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