Windham Life and Times – May 8, 2020

Windham Mid-Century Modern

1959-60 | Rowdy Boaters on Cobbett’s Pond

The Cobbett’s Pond Association met in the lower hall of the town hall, Wednesday evening. Considerable discussion was held relative to power boat nuisances, particularly the noise annoyance late at night. A catered supper was enjoyed by the Cobbett’s Pond Association at Akerman’s Hall in Salem. The seven special prizes were awarded as follows; Transistor radio, Rudy Pivovar; Afghan, Althea Lamson; Dinner Cloth, Bertha Johnson; Grocery Order, Carolyn Cochran; Four Strings of Bowling to each: Mr. Rattatort, Roger Hardy, and R. Cameron; The hand made baby set was won by D. Burns.

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