Windham Life and Times – December 25, 2020

Boston & Maine Right of Ways in the 1920’s and 30’s. Windham Junction.

When Windham had Railroads

These interesting photographs show the railroad system in Windham just before the discontinuance of passenger rail service by the B&M Railroad in the 1930’s. If you’ve walked on the Windham rail trail you will recognize the top two photographs of Windham Junction. Below left is the station in West Windham which became Anderson Station. It was a originally a station house for the Nashua and Rochester Railroad, which crossed the Boston and Maine Railroad at Windham Junction. Bottom right is Canobie Lake Station. The nemesis that slew the railroads is pictured in the form of the automobile being used by the surveyor for the Boston and Maine Railroad.

Crossing of the B&M and former Nashua and Rochester Railroad
West Windham Station was renamed Anderson to prevent accidents caused by the”2″ Windham Stations
Canobie Lake Station on the Windham-Salem town line.

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