Windham Life and Times – April 30 2021

The Windham Auto Inn- Range Road, Windham NH

This is one of my favorite scenes from Windham because we all pass by the old “Windham Auto Inn” and the pretty house behind it travelling on Range Road. Rural Oasis says, “By 1924 most of the boardinghouses had closed. Then when the automobile became popular, John V. Mackenzie opened the Windham Auto Inn on Range Road in 1934” (1924?). The inn finally closed in 1947..” From the back of the post card it appears the Windham Auto Inn actually opened much earlier than this since it was dated April 8, 1929. E. Land says, “This is a view of part of the house. We have a very nice room twin beds and private bath. Have been on the go every minute. The food is excellent; and I intend to enjoy the change…” The property is now three condos and the house behind it is still there. What are those posts on the front lawn?

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