Windham Life and Times – July 29, 2021

Scenes from My Garden

So no history secrets…I ran out of time for the week. Instead, here is an interlude, in my favorite place on earth: My Garden! The Stewartia tree bosomed for over 4 weeks straight…non-stop.  I had given her a long,  loving talk this spring about how I longed for her to make a show of herself. Last year there was hardly a blossom; this year their was lush abundance of her beautiful white flowers, which dropped and floated across the water, like lotus blossoms in an Asian landscape. You do all know plants are sentient beings, right?  I saw recently that Lake Street Garden had two of these beautiful trees for sale. You won’t be disappointed. 

The Stewartia Treee

So… I have this birdbath that I really love, the only problem being the cement is disintegrating. So I thought about deep sixing it, and then I had second thoughts. Instead, this ruin is now one of my favorite places in the garden. There is now a beautiful variety of mosses, and small flowering plants happily growing on the shores of the water. It looks a little bit like a grand old dowager, slowing crumbling, but holding onto to her fading glory with a little bit of flash and bling.

Many evenings the bald eagle flies down the center of the lake, majestic…and I wonder if he or she remembers the game we played with the frozen pickerel over my head last winter. We live in an incredibly beautiful place, if only we can escape the prison wall of screens, so that we can rediscover it again. Away from the hysteria and hype, meant to coral us for the slaughter…meant to make us do their bidding. The bees are everywhere…and the hummingbirds are drinking from the blossoms that have opened to provide their nectar and in the act of freely giving, being pollinated for next year in turn. Away from the screens, the world moves on, with or without our attention, gratitude and adoration. She is silently waiting as a gift unopened: for the screens to darken, for our eyes to see, and for all of us to awaken… so we can really understand her secrets and feel the love of that One which upholds it all.

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