Windham Life and Times – August 20, 2021

Fairview Rocks – Cobbett’s Pond North Shore

Late on Sunday afternoon I was gazing down the lake toward North Shore Road, and saw the massive boulders of Fairview Rocks, or the “Look-Out,” actually glowing, in the warm, fading light of the setting sun. The whole shoreline from North Shore to Rocky Ridge is littered with the monolithic remains of the glaciers, which haphazardly flung these standing stones in their place. This includes “Indian Rock” and the now gone Cobbett’s Rock. When the John H. Dinsmore owned this area, before he sold it to Edward Searles,  it was known as the “Rocky Pasture.” Will Harris owned the adjoining land where Fairview Rocks was located. I wonder if the Native Americans  called this hauntingly beautiful stretch of shoreline by name? Gogebic…”rocky shore,” short for agojebic.

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