Windham Life and Times – October 8, 2021

“The Revolution Will Not Be Televised”

In Fact, You Can Hardly Tell It’s Taking Place.

    So there is something that provides me with a profound sense of perfect peace as I watch the sad display of self-destruction, during the non-televised revolution, inexorably marching on in the once great United States of America. Make no mistake, we are living through the takeover of this country by communists/fascists while the populace sleeps; forever attached to the screens that hypnotize, mesmerize and deceive. Luckily, for The Plan, our president is also soundly sleeping.  For god’s sakes, the nominee for the Comptroller of the Currency, Saule Omarova, is an avowed communist who graduated from Moscow State University on a Lenin scholarship! The government is proposing we spend 4.5 trillion of money we do not have and cannot afford for some vain fancies of the progressive left, while Social Security and Medicare face bankruptcy in the very near future. Argentina was also the richest nation on earth, in 1910, then slowly at first, then suddenly, it wasn’t. 

     The social media oligarchs have become our very own Pravda and paid handsomely for their nefarious work. You do know that Merrick Garland’s son-in-law, Xan Tanner, is cofounder of Panorama Education, a company that supplies critical race theory materials to public schools. Oh, but there’s no conflict of interest to see here. Parents and their attempts to control the education of their children make them domestic terrorists that need to be investigated. America was not founded on evil ideals! Every human enterprise is flawed; so why are we as a nation on such a suicidal path? Who wants us destroyed? Do you see yet?

     Oh, how easy we have made it for the people who are our sworn enemies. We’re so blind and given over to our own devices, lusts, fancies, and a desire for fleeting normalcy that we don’t even see it.  The vapid, corrupted, aging, decrepit, politicians of both parties, perform the script, of their NWO controllers, stuffing their pockets with ill gotten gains while attacking American citizens as our feckless bureaucrats, play their final acts in the crumbling set-piece of the U.S.A. Despite this gloomy time, the world still turns…

     In fact, to be precise, it turns at 1,000 miles an hour, while we frolic on its surface blissfully unaware.  And now just as ordained, the earth is tilting 23.5 degrees on its axis, allowing for the change of seasons that is now upon us. Again, this massive shift goes little noticed by us as the temperatures drop and the daylight dims. However, my summer friends are all beginning to notice the changes even as I drench them with water to shield them from the dropping degrees. 

     It’s was a incredibly glorious summer to be alive. Supply issues meant that I could not get my regular vines and I had to start them from very small containers…but they were magnificent still.  I was also privileged to see a rare event while sitting near the water of Cobbett’s Pond with my 90 year old parents. Three bald eagles; together over the lake. Gazing with wonder as they hovered perfectly still in the wind, and as one dropped straight down, claws first to grab a fish from the water. Most every night, at cocktail time, I have watched my eagle friends flying down the lake.

    For several weeks this summer, I could hear an Osprey nest nearby my home. Then just recently two baby Ospreys appeared in my yard…Rabbits and Chipmunks beware. Of course, my wife, the ever down to earth and rational one, thinks my obsession with the earth; with  the creatures and plants that inhabit it with us is crazy. Well, for the health of my being, and my gratitude to the One who has given me all the good and great gifts within which I live, breath and move; I boldly claim with glorious abandon the madness of my deeply heart-felt perception, of a very wonderful, awe inspiring world.  It’s time to prepare for a very bumpy ride! The Revolution is not being televised but it is taking place.

One thought on “Windham Life and Times – October 8, 2021

  1. Thank you for writing this piece. My husband and I have observed this same political momentum shift and yet it is seemingly unnoticed by the masses. Are Biden voters even paying attention anymore? They got “orange man” out, all is swell?!? Granted, politicians can’t be trusted, but is this really the path we want our country to go down? Wake up people! We fear for our young children as to what kind of a country they will inherent when they reach adulthood.


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