Windham Life and Times

Gurry’s: The Place for Windham-Salem Folks to Eat, Gossip and Joke

Gurrey’s as they say, “was a local institution.” My dad used to take me there as a kid, and I found the place and the people we met there both fascinating and entertaining. The place had changed it looks by then. How could they make all that food, right in front of you, in such a small kitchen?! And I learned about a lot of interesting subjects there listening to the men’s banter as they ate. You see, Gurry’s, was really a place for the local working men to eat. We always seemed to run into George Armstrong. I loved that guy; his laugh, and the stories he could tell, while constantly trying to keep his pipe lit. And there where jokes and people who were really good at telling them and others who just weren’t. Whatever happened to the art of telling a joke. Is life just not funny anymore or have we lost our sense of humor as a nation. Some were masters. Maybe that’s why we don’t tell jokes anymore; because you can’t hate when you’re laughing, especially at yourself. Seems like we all take ourselves way to seriously. Everybody is on a mission, rather than a casual stroll through the incredible moments that unfold in such a wonderful life. You know we probably won’t get a second chance, and even if we do, all that sleep-walking and angst is sure to affect our karma… impacting our next life. God forbid I come back as an ox, a beggar or a fly. I just hope I’m laughing still

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