Windham Life and Times – December 24, 2021

My Christmas in the 1960’s and 70’s.

Another Christmas is here again, so I began musing about the toys and traditions that were Christmas for us in the 1960’s-70’s. If you grew up then you’ll remember the Marx plays sets: Fort Apache, the gas station, the Flintstones set and of course those beloved World War II plastic soldiers. We loved the solider sets because we could play with them in our sand pile during the summer blowing the soldiers and tanks up with fireworks in a gale of smoke and fire and sand, which we imagined was pretty close to real life battle. Damn that was fun; and me and my brother still have all our fingers. Imagine that!

   Of course, the tree had to be thoroughly modern and adorned with copious amounts of lead tinsel to brighten it up. 

     My favorite Christmas present ever, was the year (1970), that I got my Honda CT 70. I had saved from working all summer and had half the cost. My parents covered the rest and I had my beloved bike for Christmas.  I was in eighth grade and that bike meant freedom to me. It let me travel the woods and wood roads all over Windham. Never got that much “trail play” though… I wonder where she hung out?

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