Windham Life and Times – March 11, 2022

Birch Point – Cobbett’s Pond. A William Brooks Photograph 1900-1903.

Look at the hundreds of little birch trees covering this point and lining the shore of Cobbett’s Pond. The huge boulders are also interesting laid down by the glaciers. From Mr. Brooks diary we get an idea of where Birch Point was located. “June 30, 1900: The pond was covered in white caps…Afterward Howard went out alone and caught a crab and lost both oars while the boat went at a rapid rate toward the head of the pond before the wind. They went ashore at Birch Point and he borrowed a pair of oars and came home for an extra pair. Then he went after his own. August 18, 1900: A beautiful day. Warm but not hot. Mary and I took a picture of Indian Rock and then Harry and I took one of the canoes to birch point beyond Cobbetts’s Rock.

So, I just figured out where Birch Point is located, stupid me, it is the property our company sold last summer at the end of Gardner Road…take note of the two large boulders that are now located in front of the home.

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