Windham Life and Times – April 28, 2023

A Public Service and Safety Announcement

 This is how Cobbett’s Pond Road looked over a hundred years ago, a narrow lane, hugging the shore of the lake. It’s a pretty view, but it is really best not to stare at it while driving! And please, for the love of God, take your face out of your screens for the few seconds you traverse this road. That’s possible right? I travel this road most every day, and several times a month I am literally run off the road by a car approaching me on the wrong side of the yellow line. I try to get out of their way, but there is no place to go. Most times the horn awakens the other driver from their mesmerized trance.  This is too beautiful place to watch your life pass in front of your face and to float above your corpse. Please, drive slow and keep your eyes on the road. Thanking you in advance.                             Postcard courtesy of Gary Eberhardt.

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