Windham Life and Times – May 19, 2023

Speaking of Cows…

Cows in Windham were once a ubiquitous site, but no longer. The photograph above is of cows at the Nesmith farm on North Lowell Road. The last farm that had cows was at Johnson’s. It seems that they’re developing ways to put MRNA into the food supply along with other fun additives as well…no kidding! Apparently it is already in the pork, headed to beef and will eventually be knitted into your lettuce. Oh, yum! So I’ve become a devotee of locally sourced food and I’ve found a good plug. I am not getting anything for this promotion other than helping a local farmer.  Shaw Farm Dairy sells milk from their own cows in Dracut MA. Best of all they offer local delivery to Windham. You get one of those neat metal boxes for your door stoop, order online and they deliver in reusable glass bottles.  For you environmental luddites, they also sell milk in plastic but it just doesn’t feel right to me. The milk is delicious and certified organic!!! They also sell eggs, butter and other interesting food products. I’ve also found a plug for a quarter share of local meat. You can too. So even Republicans can be Green and stay healthy at the same time! or you can purchase at their farm store 8 miles away at: 204 New Boston Road, Dracut MA.

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