Windham Life and Times – July 15, 2016

The Alosky Family Enjoys Summer on Cobbett’s Pond

Joe and Mary Alosky Relax on Cobbett's Pond

Joe and Mary Alosky Relax on Cobbett’s Pond

The photographs show Joe Sr. and Mary Alosky with their kids, Joe Jr. and Mary Ann, on Cobbett’s Pond. Some of the photos were taken at a camp on Farmer Road. Those wooden row-boats were everywhere at the time. I still remember the one’s my grandfather had. The Aloskys eventually purchased a summer home on Viau Road. On the same road where Sue Binns and her family had a summer camp. Joe’s request for a date with Sue, grew into a romance and 44 years later their marriage is still going strong. The camp on Viau Road, was built by Sue’s mother’s family, the Walkers.  James Walker purchased that property from William Emerson in 1922. Jason and Halie Alosky, along with their children Lily and Walker now live on the very same property. I will always be indebted to Sue for helping me purchase my property on Viau Road, from the Klemms.  Oh yeah, and I am also forever grateful for her fixing me up with her cousin, my wife, Kristie! Only 26 years but it seems like forever! And, the wheels keep on turning, on Cobbett’s Pond.

Joe and Mary Ann. The Family Boating on Cobbett's.

Joe and Mary Ann. The Family Boating on Cobbett’s.

A Classic, Cobbett's Pond Wooden Rowboat

A Classic, Cobbett’s Pond Wooden Rowboat