Windham Life and Times – July 7, 2017

Club Mirimar at Bella Vista

The famed Bella Vista dance pavilion, with its big bands and crowds was destroyed by fire in 1931. It was soon replaced by a smaller hall  pictured here.  Rural Oasis states, “For a short time during prohibition this building was considered the hottest place in town. It was known as the Club Mariana [sic] (Mirimar). A password was not really needed for entry, but Rene Dubois who ran the club did not want any revenue men in by mistake. Most people who filled the dimly lit hall enjoyed themselves. Dancing and food were advertised on the sign outside, but after you were allowed in you could buy a drink and watch the burlesque show. Before long the reputation of the Club Mirimar reached the authorities and the club was closed forever.”

The new Club Mirimar hall at Bella Vista


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