Windham Life and Times March 25, 2022

The Dinsmoor-Park House

I have published the photograph of this house in the past. It was home first to Isaac Dinsmoor and his family and later the Park family. At the time of this photograph it was owned by Edward Searles. He owned all of the land on that side of Range Road, which he had rebuilt in order to surround his estate with stone walls. His land ran all the way to the shores of Canobie Lake. The reason I am sure it was owned by Searles at the time of the photograph is because of the ubiquitous wire fencing that he placed around his property. Rather unfriendly but effective for a reclusive millionaire. Searles added the mansard roof, moved the chimneys to the end walls and added the gambrel carriage house. Of course, people say that the location of the popular Windham Restaurant is haunted. All I can say is that one night before Christmas, in the back upstairs bedroom, a plate on our table, began to spin in circles of its own volition, or by the wispy hand of a spirit. It was witnessed by myself and several other people at our table. Its hard to believe that dirt roads once traversed this now busy intersection.  

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