Windham Life and Times – March 26, 2022

A Range Road Farm

This photograph was featured in the local history “Rural Oasis.” I’ve been musing lately that I would like a horse. I mean a real, honest to goodness horse. A friend to greet me in the morning. Not an AI dream but real flesh and blood to pull a carriage or to ride upon. Automobiles are O.K. but they’re not alive and endowed with a personality; they can’t show affection or anger. I know cars go fast, have AC and keep you out of the weather, but they aren’t a creature. Quite honestly, I am jealous of the people who have had relationships with horses. Maybe I had a beloved horse in another life. A magnificent black steed that carried me into battle or a sway backed mare that carried me to the tavern.  Simpatico; at one with my living, breathing ride!

Riding along a dirt road, in the open air, experiencing the weather and scenery. Kind of makes me see our current world as so totally fake; plastic, screens, a glowing electric world of impulses, of zeros and ones. None of this madness existed when horses lived among us! So now we are being bludgeoned to accept a suffocating new green world, where you will own neither a horse or a car. Soon, you will hunger for insect protein and if you’re really good and behave, a little digital money; maybe even the right to rent a bike for 24 hours. But you’ll own nothing, not even your own body or soul. I’m not down for a digital prison. Come on boy, let’s fly like the wind and gallop right out of this place… Back to the real world of living, breathing, beings.

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