Windham Life and Times – June 3, 2022

The S.W. Simpson – Cutting Farm

Photograph by Baldwin Coolidge Courtesy of SPENEA

This farm was established and built by Samuel Simpson in about 1815. Samuel Wilson Simpson was the son of William Simpson who was born on February 5, 1748. He owned and lived upon a farm east of T.W. Simpson’s mill; his house stood in a field, a few rods west of the present highway; the old cellar still remains. There he lived until the death of his first wife, when in 1786 he sold the place to Cole, which was soon bought by George Simpson, of Greenland. He then moved to the farm now owned by Eva Cutting, and built the house demolished by S.W. Simpson. He lived there until about 1825, when he moved to a small place now owned by Alfred Lewis. He was killed by falling from a load of wood, October 15, 1830. He was married three times with sixteen children;  Mrs. Ruth Dow, who died July 16, 1786 aged 38; married second, widow Grizzell Wilson who died August 23, 1810 aged 60 years upon her farm now Mrs. Cutting’s; married third June 11, 1811, Sarah Morgan, and occupied the Morgan homestead till his death; she died September 1837, 80 years old.

     “Samuel W. Simpson was born November 14, 1787; he died August 15, 1873. He was unmarried. He owned and occupied the farm now occupied by Eva (Simpson) Cutting, in District No. 2, but was never married. He was often in office, served as collector of taxes, was treasurer in 1840, selectman in 1832, ‘33, ‘34, ‘34, ‘36, ‘37, ‘38 and representative in 1839, ‘40 and ‘57; was much interested in the schools in Windham and in 1852 he gave District No. 2 a school fund of $1,000; later he gave two other school districts $500 each, having raised an equal amount for a permanent school fund. He was a Selectman at the time of the purchase and establishment of the poor farm, where indigent people were sent to live. He lived to an advanced age, and died in Windham August 15, 1873 aged 85 years, 9 moths and 1 day.”

    Eva (Simpson) Cutting was the daughter of John William Simpson. She married Walter P. Cutting who was born in Boston November 10, 1852. She had  John W. born November 22, 1874; Charles W, born March 20, 1876 (died in infancy) and Frederick G. born December 25, 1877; and Albert R, born January 24, 1879, (died in infancy). This was a beautiful farm. Baldwin Coolidge took the photograph about 1886 based on the age of the Cutting children.

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