Windham Life and Times – June 17, 2022

South Windham – School-house No 2

In the early days in Windham, each district has their own one room school-house. The south side of Windham was District No. 2. The school-house was located on what is now Range Road, on a hillside, between Cobbett’s Pond and Golden Brook Road. The school pictured was the fourth building to serve the district known as “the Row” in early times.  James W. Smith, a native of the district was architect and builder. The cost was $1,400. The Rev. Loren Thayer dedicated the building on December 8, 1853, and the town sold the building to William and Gertrude Hazlett in the 1940’s after the construction of the first Center School.

The hand-made award shown to the left was a “Roll of Honor” for the Spring of 1913. The Roll of Honor was for the students at the Number 2 District which was the one room school-house that once stood on a knoll, on Range Road, between Cobbett’s Pond Road and Golden Brook Road. The photograph above was taken right around the same date and the photograph has noted that the Number 2 School was also know as the “Elm Grove” School. 

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