Windham Life and Times – March 17, 2023

The Searles Mystery Mansion Abandoned on Jenny’s Hill.

 In 1904, Edwards Searles began making improvements to his estate in Windham. At first, the plan was to build on Jenny’s Hill which was the highest point in town. It seems that in Methuen the Tenny Estate looked down upon the Searles Estate and he didn’t want the same outcome in Windham. Unfortunately,  Searles had to abandon his plan because the Jenny’s Hill site proved to be too far away from the railroad, where he  shipped in his building supplies, at Canobie Lake Station. Will Harris in his newspaper column says, “Edward F, Searles is making great improvements on his estate on Jenny’s Hill. The large mansion house has been moved back a considerable distance to a higher site, commanding a grand prospect, and additions and alterations are being made.” Searles also built an observation tower nearby the house to take in the magnificent view of Cobbett’s and Canobie. In this photograph, the “mansion house” has been abandoned for the nearby castle and essentially left to collapse.

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