Windham Life and Times – March 31, 2023

The Mystery on the Hill

Located at the Junctions of Rt. 111, Cobbett’s Pond and Hardwood Roads

Have any of you wondered about the mystery on the hill, while driving on Rt. 111? This past Monday, with the beautiful warm, Spring weather, I decided to finally walk up the cleared hill near Center School and investigate the strange object there. I had lots of flights of fantasy imagining what it might be, including a rope tow for a ski lift. So I trudged up the hill, ruining my dress shoes, as I always do, and as soon as I reached the object, I knew what it was. You will too if you turn the newspaper sideways. The thing that made it seem strange was it was turned on its side.

Of course, it was an old horse drawn hay rake, like those used by farmers all over America.

Samuel Campbell is shown above operating his hay rake on his farm, on Kendall Pond Road, Windham in 1895.

Hay rake in action on video.

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