Windham Life and Times – April 20, 2017

The Eastern Illustrating Company

The J.B. Cover Co. Store. Courtesy of Penobscot Marina Museum


I am sure you will be just dumbstruck, as I was, by this beautiful photograph of The J.B. Cover Co. Store. As most of your know, this was a very popular and successful store for many years under management of a variety of owners. The store had a prime location. It sat just across the street from the Canobie Lake Station of the Boston and Maine Railroad. It was also located at the Junction of Route 28 and Route 111. It served the tourist communities on Canobie Lake, Cobbett’s Pond and Shadow Lake. It was also the location of the Canobie Lake, N.H. Post Office.

Canobie Lake Station opened on November 9, 1885, with Albert Alexander as the staion agent. He then started construction on a store nearby. The Caobie Lake Post Office was established her on February 26, 1886, with Alexander as the the postmaster.

Bob Mason Sr. in front of his successful store.

Bob Mason Sr. purchased the property and is seen is the photographs of his store. The many signs advertise groceries, camper’s supplies and Mason’s ice cream. A directional sign in the background advertises Hadley’s beach, Armstrong’s Beach, the Lakeview Golf Course, and the Windham Auto Inn.

Inside Mason’s Store.

Mason’s Store after is was modernized by Bob Mason Jr.

Windham Life and Times – April 13, 2017

Eastern Illustrating Company

Clif’s Place, Windham NH Courtesy Penobscot Marine Museum


Clif’s Place is a store and gas station that sprang up on Route 28 to serve the growing number of “auto tourists.” In another photograph of this location, Charles A. Dow Sr. was the proprietor and he offered camping grounds for auto tourists, overlooking Seavey Pond. This building is now a church. Courtesy of Penobscot Marine Museum.

Another photograph of the same spot by a different postcard publisher.