4 thoughts on “Windham Life and Tiles – July 31, 2015

  1. The camp in the center of this postcard was built by my grandfather, Clayton B. Stoddard. He also built several camps in the woods behind it, and the area became known as Pine Terrace. My mother, Lois Stoddard Sutherland spent all her summers there, from birth till her death at 80 yrs. in 1995. I also spent my summers there, as did my children and grandchildren, until unfortunately, the camp burned to the ground in 1996. All my family, aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews always enjoyed this wonderful place, and we all miss it. But we do have so many fond memories of “camp”. Thanks for the article and pictures.


    • Hi Shirley,

      Thanks so much for all the information. It’s true, “the camp” was an American tradition that was enjoyed by so many people. Unfortunately, the “camps” are disappearing and being replaced. During 1900-1970 the middle class and even working class families could afford a camp on or near a lake or the ocean. Much different than today, when everything has become so expensive and out of reach with the decline in middle class wages and the rising costs of taxes, insurance, education, etc.



      • Hi Brad,
        Thanks for the response. I certainly do realize how the “camps” of Cobbetts Pond are disappearing. I was fortunate to have a trip around the pond last summer by a friend who still owns a “camp” on the small pond end. I must say I didn’t recognize most of the areas. The Pine Terrace area is one place that seems to remain the same as when I was a child there. FYI, in case you didn’t know, the camp to the left of my family’s camp belonged to the Peabody family of Derry. They were the only 2 camps in the cove, along with a large white one on the left side of the cove belonging to the Claremont family. Of course when I was growing up there, there were a lot more all along the shore. One can see all the row boats in front of our camp. My grandfather had a boat for each of the camps he owned and rented behind our camp. I remember as a young girl, going out to the camps in the spring. All the females in the family would wash dishes and clean all the camps to get them ready for the summer. And all the men would be repairing screens and painting, and doing all kinds of repairs.
        I have about 15 old postcards of Cobbetts, none very exciting. Would you be interested in them? I certainly would love a copy of the one with our camp in it.


  2. The cabin in the center was the Stoddard camp. My Great Grand Father Clayton Stoddard built it around 1900 and a few others behind it. He granted the right of way to access the water to Pine terrace association. I spent Every summer there until I was 10 and we moved to St. Louis MO. in 1973. The camp burnt in 2001(?)


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